Welcome to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (or NAEYC)’s Diversity and Equity Education for Adults (or DEEA) Interest Forum!

This Forum is intended to be a place where you can come to share your questions and resources, challenges and celebrations, fears and passions as we navigate our lifelong professional journeys as an anti-bias caregivers and educators together. Recognizing that anti-bias practice is much more than a curriculum, we hope that this Interest Forum will be a space in which we wrestle with social injustice within ourselves and between ourselves, a space from which we are empowered to work in partnership with young children and their families to build the world we dream of. Join us!

Here are the ABC’s of what you can expect:

  • Access to a plethora of anti-bias resources 
  • Belong to an online community that safely and respectfully discusses “hot topics” and salient “situations” in the field
  • Celebrate real life victories for EC professionals creating inclusive environments

To navigate the page, click on the symbols on the Top Right:  

  • The hexagon with three parallel lines will reveal a menu bar,
  • The hexagon with a heart will let you connect with us on social media, and
  • The hexagon with a magnifying glass will allow you to search the entire site!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at earlychildhoodequity@gmail.com


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