Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in the Classroom

On June 17th, Ruben Brosbe–a third grade teacher in New York City–shared with us his reflections on celebrating LGBT Pride Month in the classroom.  You can check out the piece he wrote for the Educators’ Room here!

In addition, he added,

“I think one major challenge is the assumption that parents won’t support this kind of teaching. I teach in a community that is predominantly Black and Latino and it is important to challenge misconceptions that these families are more homophobic or transphobic than White, middle-class families. I also think that taking the time to find resources and then vet them for quality is another challenge, although one that is rewarding in the end.”

We asked him to share with us some tips on vetting resources for quality and he replied,

One way to start “vetting” is by picking books that already come recommended. There’s a few book lists included in my blog post. After that I make sure to read any book ahead of time and make sure I feel comfortable with the messages – explicit and implicit – that it sends. For example I found two books about kids with two dads and two moms written in the form of question and answer. Although I thought the stories were cute, I felt uncomfortable with the idea that kids might feel like they have to answer every question they get about their families. That said, these books could also be read aloud and discussed critically. You don’t have to throw out books, even if they’re problematic, as long as you think about how to address those problems.

NAEYC has also provided some additional suggestions for children’s books that include lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) families which can be found here.


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