Resources for Educators Focusing on Anti-Racist Learning and Teaching

The Early Education Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) has recently released a tremendous resource: Resources for Educators Focusing on Anti-Racist Learning and Teaching.

In their own words:

The Early Childhood Education Assembly’s Statement on Race and Early Childhood Education was posted in June, 2015. To support our suggestion that early childhood educators engage deliberately in focused anti-racist work, we promised resources. We have begun to collect resources at the links below. Our intent is to continue building and expanding this collection but we offer it now as a beginning, in support of educators working to (a) deepen understandings about institutional and interpersonal racism and its manifestations in early childhood settings, (b) understand the depth and breadth of histories often left out of or misrepresented in our teaching, and (c) apply new awareness to transforming practice and policy. We envision these resources as impetus for teachers, staff, families, and community conversations and professional development focused on awareness and action.Our next steps will be to consider ways to collaborate virtually among educators across the country.

To access these resources, click here.


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