Building Authentic Relationships with Families

This Real World Wednesday we had the pleasure of learning from Tanya Jefferson-Fitts!11705353_1618514891771572_7783077469476539302_n

In her current position, Tanya provides one-to-one therapy to children who may be delayed in one or more developmental domains. Prior to this, she worked as an early childhood teacher for 10 years at a center based program. She has been in the early childhood field for 15 years and has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Teaching Adult Learners.

As many teachers and families are forging new relationships this month, we asked her for some of her tips on building strong partnerships with families. This is what she said:

Some things that early childhood professionals should keep in mind as they work to build authentic relationships with families are:

  1. Building trust
  2. Respect and consider the families, culture, experiences, opinions, and values
  3. Be approachable and available

All of the tips that I provided I live by and believe in whole heartily. First to have any relationship there must be trust, keep conversations private,being a great listener and providing suggestions to help out when needed. Respecting the families ideas and beliefs is vey important; and by this I mean no two families are the same, we must consider a family’s culture, because it affects their beliefs, values and parenting practices. Lastly; being a warm, welcoming person and making time for the families. After all time well spent is how we build any relationship.

Thanks, Tanya, for your fantastic advice!


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