Meeting Minutes from the 2015 NAEYC Annual Conference

The DEEA Interest Forum met in-person at the 2015 NAEYC Annual Meeting on November 20th, from 5-6:30pm.  Below is an outline of our time other:

  • Meet-the-Candidates: Getting to know the NAEYC governing board candidates and talking with them about how diversity & equity issues
  • Community Building: Getting to know one another through talking about our favorite children’s books:
    • #WeNeedDiverseBooks
    • Selecting anti-bias books
    • Facilitating anti-bias dialogue (dos and don’ts)
    • Anti-bias reflective practice: “This work is as much about changing your own perspective as a teacher as it is about the activities you do in the classroom.” – Rita Tenorio
      • To do: take the Implicit Bias Test and reflect on the implications of the results for your practice.
  • Intro to the DEEA Interest Forum:
    • History of the forum
    • Mission of the forum: Finalized!
      • Our work = advancing diversity & equity within and beyond NAEYC
    • Vision of the forum: In progress
      • Need to incorporate explicit language around ending oppression in its multiple and interacting forms
      • Want to focus on young children and also the adults that care for and educate them
  • Next Steps:
    • We will create a google doc and draft a vision statement that will get feedback from group and be finalized (timeline = a few months or so)
    • After that, we will jointly develop community agreements for how we want to work together
    • From there, we’ll get to work on projects and initiatives we are passionate about.  Ideas include:
      • Developing anti-bias standards for reviewing articles
      • Pushing NAEYC to take a stand on important topics (e.g. a Position Statement on LGBTQ or racial equity)
      • Submitting and promoting diversity & equity sessions at next year’s conference
      • Highlighting, celebrating, and supporting the important work of other Interest Forums through a reception and awards
  • Get Connected!
  • Opportunities to get more involved:
    • Volunteer to be featured in a #RealWorldWednesday
    • Recruit folks to be featured in a #RealWorldWednesday
    • Run our Twitter account
    • Share articles and resources to Facebook page
    • Blog and/or generate content for the website
    • Recruit new members and/or organize a local DEEA group
    • Facilitate a virtual Book Club
    • Become a facilitator!  Our next meeting is next Tuesday 11/24 at 12pm EST
    • Your idea…

All together, it was a very productive meeting.  We are excited to see where we go from here!  To join our mailing list, email

The presentation from our meeting is available here: NAEYC Annual Meeting Presentation (1)


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