The quality of diversity & equity education children and their families receive depends on the quality of the preparation their teachers receive. Excellence in teacher preparation and professional development requires that educators of adults have opportunities to share and discuss their diversity and equity education work. More specifically, they need to be able to explore issues, research, challenges, strategies, pitfalls and successes as well as give and receive support and encouragement for what can be a complex task. However, often such opportunities are not easily available.

The mission of the Diversity & Equity Education for Adults Interest Forum is to provide a place where people can come together for mutual education, self-reflection, networking and strategic planning for both our individual and our collective work. It is for everyone within early childhood education, who shares a commitment to teaching, training and preparing adults to do diversity & equity education with children, their families, and their teachers. This includes, but is not limited to, ECE faculty in community and 4-year colleges as well as in-service trainers and directors who provide professional development.


Dr. Catherine Corr 11196246_10103003416536129_7811056589016083094_n

Hi everyone! I am a former EI CESE teacher and am a recent graduate from the University of Illinois. My doctoral research focused on early childhood special education services for young children who have experienced abuse. I am happy to moderate this forum with Megan! I am looking forward to the ongoing conversations and supports that are bound to spur from the DEEA forum, welcome all!

Megan Madison, M.A., M.S.Ed893822_10102449114172383_611049898_o (1)

Hi! My name is Megan Madison (I use she/her pronouns). As a person with mixed race heritage, I’m asked the question “what are you?” just about every day and while I still haven’t figured out exactly how to answer that question, I do know that my business cards say, “Early Childhood Scholar, Activist, and Practitioner.” Currently, I work in New York City as a nanny and as a doctoral student studying child, youth, and family policy. I am sooooo excited to be co-facilitating this forum. Can’t wait to learn and grow alongside you all throughout this journey!



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