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Real World Wednesdays: Nominate Yourself!

Every week on our Facebook page, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)’s Diversity & Equity Education for Adults Interest Forum features the1237573_1665296367093424_4950231286415187138_n work of an outstanding member of our community to highlight salient “real world” issues at the intersection of early childhood, diversity and equity.  What we learn from these conversations is then posted to our Blog, allowing us to continually build our body of collective wisdom.  We call these segments Real World Wednesdays.

Our growing community is full of so much collective wisdom and experience! Please consider sharing your perspective in an upcoming Real World Wednesday segment.

You can this form to nominate yourself or someone you know:

2016 NAEYC Annual Conference: Call for Proposals!

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.50.00 PMDear Diversity & Equity Education for Adults (DEEA) Interest Forum Members and friends,

Proposals for the 2016 NAEYC Annual Conference & Expo in Los Angeles are due this Friday (1/15) and we’d love to see a robust offering of sessions related to diversity & equity issues in early childhood care and education.  Information about how to submit a proposal can be found here.
Let us know what you’re submitting, and we’ll do our best to promote your work!

Join our virtual book club!

The now classic book, Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves, by Louise Derman-Sparks & Julie Olsen Edwards invites early childhood caregivers and educators to grapple with the question: What can we do to raise the next generation of young people who know and are proud of who they are, are able to be in equitable relationship with others, can recognize and name unfairness in the world around them, and are ready to take action to address it?

NAEYC’s Diversity & Equity Education for Adults (DEEA) Interest Forum would like to invite you to our virtual book club as we embark on an informal, 13-week exploration of this question together. Together, we will discuss critical issues in the field–including racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism–and build community. Join us!

Structure and Guidelines

Open discussion on our Facebook page will begin each week on Monday with a new chapter of the book and will continue throughout the scheduled week. Over the course of each week, the club’s facilitators will moderate the discussion, posting summaries of the chapter and posing open-ended questions to stimulate discussion. Participants are welcome to post their reactions, thoughts, questions or other topics of discussion. In short:

  • All levels of engagement are welcome!
  • Productive, respectful dissent is appropriate
  • Ask questions, post responses, share quotes to participate in discussion
  • Facilitators will post 1-2 questions each session, but other forum members are welcome to post as well.

In addition, we will be hosting a Google Hangout each week so that participants can discuss the book face-to-face.


Monday, Dec. 7th, 8am to Friday, Feb. 19th 2016 at 8pm

Week 1 (December 7-11): Introductions
Week 2 (December 14-18): What is anti-bias education?
Week 3 (December 21-25): Children’s identity development
Week 4 (December 28 – January 1): Becoming an anti-bias teacher
Week 5 (January 4-8): Creating an anti-bias learning community
Week 6 (January 11-15): Learning about culture, language and fairness
Week 7 (January 18-22): Learning about racial identity and fairness
Week 8 (January 25-29): Learning about gender identity and fairness
Week 9 (February 1-5): Learning about economic class and fairness
Week 10 (February 8-12): Learning about family structures and fairness
Week 11 (February 15-19): Learning about different abilities and fairness
Week 12 (February 22-26): Learning about holidays and fairness
Week 13 (February 29 – March 4): Closing


To register, click here.


To view and/or share the event flyer, click here.

Leadership Opportunity

Thank you for being a member of the Interest Forum for Diversity and Equity Education for Adults Interest Forum.  Your membership in the Interest Forum gives us insight to your passion for early childhood education. We are currently recruiting for three Interest Forum facilitators and hope you will consider this as a great opportunity to lend your member voice to this forum.

Without facilitators, the Diversity and Equity Education for Adults community will no longer be able to continue as a component of NAEYC’s Interest Forums. Want to learn more about the role of being an Interest Forum Facilitator? You can click here for more information, and contact Sahrah Zarei at by February 27, 2015.


Gwen, Erica and Sahrah

NAEYC Affiliate and Member Relations

Equity Leaders Action Network Opportunity

The BUILD Initiative is launching an Equity Leaders Action Network (ELAN) to support individual leaders, over three years, who have responsibility at the state or county level for early childhood systems. ELAN leaders will work together to identify, address and take action on issues of inequity based on race, ethnicity, language and culture in our early childhood state systems.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Support leaders in developing the will and skill to question personal assumptions, institutional and structural policies and practices, and work collaboratively to develop a blueprint to promote early childhood systems that are explicitly and measurably equitable and excellent for all children.
  • Build the capacity of members to critically examine, with a racial equity lens, institutional and structural policies and practices in the distribution of state and federal resources (funding and services).
  • Advance change to avoid disadvantaging racially and ethnically diverse children, families and members of the early childhood workforce.

Applications are due at 5 pm ET on July 30, 2015

To learn more, click here.

Interested in getting more involved with the Forum?

We’re looking for folks to volunteer their time and expertise for upcoming Real World Wednesdays.

What is Real World Wednesday?

Every Wednesday, we like to feature a member of the Forum on our Facebook page, inviting them to share with us some of their knowledge and experiences from the field.  These posts are designed to highlight some of the real world scenarios that early childhood caregivers and educators face, helping us start important conversations about our practice!

What we learn from these conversations is then posted to our Blog, allowing us to continually build our body of collective wisdom.

For example, our first Real World Wednesday featured Jamie Pearson, a doctoral student at the University of Illinois who studies the quality and quantity of services available for families of color who have children with autism.  We asked her, “Jamie from your real world research and experiences, can you share 3 things we should know about autism services for families of color?”  Her thoughtful response can be found here.

What would I need to do?

  • Join the conversation by “liking” our Facebook page
  • Tell us a little about yourself.  Let us know what you do, where you do it, and what you’d like to share!
  • Let us know an upcoming Wednesday that you could be available to respond to questions from members of the Forum.

How do I sign up?

If you’re interested, send us a message on Facebook or email us at